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At our meeting last Thursday we unveiled our latest fundraising effort. It became apparent at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year that the Lighting in the Auditorium had failed and experts were called in.  It was determined that the lighting board had served its time it was beyond repair.  It was then determined that the Lighting Stands did not meet code and that new lighting would be needed.  Most associate this only with our playmakers department, but it also means no concerts, orchestra performances, talent shows, "Welcome Back to School" nights or even Senior awards.  
To fix all our problems experts have estimated it will cost $24,000.  County Funds from our budget can donate $5,000 to help, but it is up to the PAGE Faithful to turn the lights on.  Please consider donating before the end of 2021 (and write off on your 2021 taxes).
For every dollar raised PAFA will match up to $10,000, so we really only need to raise $10K from all of you!  All donations over $25 will count towards a membership to the PAFA 2021-22 register.  Please mark on your donation to "Use for Lighting"
Pay by Credit Card using this link. You can enter any amount you like.  At checkout please "add a note" that you want this to be used for Lighting, and any other additional information. (We are charged a processing fee, so to maximize your donation, please consider mailing a check)
Or pay the old fashion was and mail a check to:
Page Alumni and Friends Association
P.O. Box 39616
Greensboro NC 27438
Please share with friends!!!
Thank you for your support, and Happy Holidays!